Discover your magic

The Law of Attraction for Artists

Do you want to become the creator of your life, and realiser your vision of yourself as a successful artist? Do you want to know how to discover your magic?

If you are a singer, a writer, an actor, an artist, a video or filmmaker, or a performer and you want to know how to apply the Law of Attraction to your craft…

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Discover your magic will enhance your mastery of vibrational alignment, the central Law of Attraction principle.. The key to discovering your magic is

  1. changing yourself to be the person you want to be, (the Law of Deliberate Creation)

  2. observing how the world around you reacts to this change (the Law / Art of Allowing)

Developing your creative genius and creative power will teach you the Law of Deliberate Creation.

Developing your creative values and creative insight will teach you the Law / Art of Allowing.

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(Discover your magic expands on the concept the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham-Hicks)

I want to take you on an adventure. An adventure in which we will discover your magic.

We all have an inner voice that speaks to us in every moment of our lives. That inner voice is an authority on empowering us and realizing our dreams.

I have been discovering my magic for over 30 years.

...listening to my inner voice telling me to realize my dream of becoming an accomplished musician

...caring for my inner child as we traveled the world, living in many countries

...seeing my inner light and documenting my adventures in magical stories

The light inside me is always growing stronger, and enlightens my day to create a life of rich, fulfilling experiences.

So come with me on an adventure empower yourself become the creator of your life, and the realiser of your dreams

…to discover your magic

We start here and now...:

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