align vibrationally

How do you awaken your creative insight?

Let’s take the fourth step: 

align vibrationally

“Never mind what is. 

Imagine it the way you want it to be so that your vibration is a match to your desire.”


We know that great creators have knowledge and insights that others do not possess, but how do they gain those insights? Their insights are born in their daily routines, habits and processes which are deeply ingrained in their lives. 

How do you awaken your creative insight? Along the path to success and fulfillment, great artists ingrain routines, habits and processes which bring vibrational alignment to their creative genius, creative values and creative power.

Clint Eastwood has a daily meditation routine which helps him focus creatively as a film director and in earlier years as an action hero. Through disciplined physical practice Bruce Lee strengthened his mental processes to keep his mind clear in martial arts combat scenes. Jimi Hendrix developed the habit of relaxedly improvising guitar for hours every day, which led to his unique and innovative sound.

Each of these artists built their success on daily routines, habits and processes which align their inner being with their visions and dreams of artistic success, matching their vibration to their desire, and helping them master the Art of Allowing. This leads spontaneously to valuable creative insights which others do not see. 

align vibrationally

Your creative insight will awaken more strongly when your daily life aligns vibrationally with your visions and dreams. The questions below will help you clarify some details, and will bring you simple insights about how you can discover your magic today. You are attracting those insights by completing this step mindfully. Note that you do not need answers to all the questions now to align yourself vibrationally with the life you want to create.

Are you creating a book?

In your imagination, pick up your book and read a few pages. 

Are you creating music?

In your imagination, put on headphones and listen to a recording of your latest piece. 

Are you creating visual art?

In your imagination, visit your latest exhibition, and see the shapes and colours of your artwork. 

Are you creating performances?

In your imagination, watch your own show in a theatre or cinema. 

Are you creating videos?

In your imagination, watch your latest final cut. 

Are you doing a mix of the above possibilities, or something completely different?

In your imagination, experience your artwork. 

Are you creating professional success?

In your imagination, experience your life filled with financial rewards, and successful professional relationships. 

Are you creating happiness?

Use the power of your imagination to experience happiness, here and now. 

Perhaps you will think: "But, but, but... What if I can’t create what I see in my mind today?" 

In the words of the remarkably successful Youtuber Casey Neistat - Do what you can't. No ifs or buts, even botched first attempts at aligning vibrationally will teach you something. And in the long term, great creators know that when an artwork does not manifest according to plan, the artist gains important creative insights.

Alternatively, you may think: "Hey, this is easy! Is discovering my magic really so easy?" Pay special attention to these reactions. These kinds of thoughts show that your creative insight has truly awakened. You are ready to create inspired artwork. 

Now that you have imagined a few details about how you want to discover your magic today, you are ready to capture the awakening of your creative insight. Note down your simple ideas about what you can easily create today. This will be your first step toward building the routines, the habits and the processes you need to realise your vision of yourself as an artist, creating your wonderful artwork.

In accordance with the Law of Attraction, you have begun to align yourself vibrationally with the life you want to create.  Awakening your creative insight brings you closer to mastering the Art of Allowing

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creative routines, habits and processes

You have just completed a four step process to awaken your creative genius, values, power and insight. I hope you have enjoyed learning how to apply the Law of Attraction to your visions and dreams of yourself as an artist.

Repeating this four step process regularly can become an empowering creative routine. With each repetition you will clearly observe the evolution of your vibrational alignment with your artistic vision. 

You will develop the habit of adhering to the Law of Deliberate Creation and mastering the Art of Allowing as your artistic success grows.

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